Below are performances of tricks submitted to my monthly columns in The Budget Magazine

Please note these are not "performance" videos and are purely to demonstrate what the tricks look like
I don't usually sound this boring!

One for All
(can be seen in 2010's "More Decks, Drugs & Rock n' Roll")



Kings on Rye
(can be seen in 2010's "More Decks, Drugs & Rock n' Roll")


The Odd Card
(can be seen in July 2008 "Camembertesque Card Magic")


Half Past Something
(can be seen in January 2009 "Decks, Drugs & Rock n' Roll")

Tipover Addition
(can be seen in August 2008 "Camembertesque Card Magic")


Double Trouble
(can be seen in January 2008 "Camembertesque Card Magic")


Illogical Reset
(can be seen in September 2008 "Camembertesque Card Magic")


Threeway Display
(can be seen in June 2008 "Camembertesque Card Magic")












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Photography copyright of Nicola Nicholls at Smewch Photography and may not be copied or reproduced without written authorisation