The Undercover Wallet

I designed the Undercover Wallet as I could not find an existing product that met my professional working needs. I owned several wallets that were either too large or didnít offer the functions or versatility I desired.


  • Looks like and functions as an everyday wallet with plenty of space for credit cards and money.
  • Easily fits into hip/back pockets.
  • Works with several palming/no palm methods.

  • Loads are well motivated and covered by natural actions.

  • Cards can easily be stolen out of the wallet as well as loaded into it.

  • Cards can appear in one of 2 separate areas. Either in a zippered inside† pocket or a separate inner credit card wallet encased within the outer one.

  • Peek function.

  • Unique pocket feature not found elsewhere that opens up new possibilities.

Made in high quality leather by Tony Curtis.

Routines included.

Includes a disc containing instructions in pdf format.

Unfortunately I have none of these left but they are available from numerous dealers and Tony Curtis Magic

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